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Course Curriculum

Weekend 1

5 different market conditions with explanation of:
⮕ETR/ITR and ranges. ⮕CMCBearish/CMCBullish/
CMCSideways/ TMCEffiecient/TMCIneffcient ⮕Range Expansion/Contraction (will continue into 2nd weekend) ⮕Jan 27/28th 7:00AM PST/10AM ESt

Weekend 2

Understanding Timings and the Reactivity Theory of which liquidities can react based on market conditions.
⮕Inducement Theory
⮕Liquidity Equilibrium Theory ⮕Feb 3/4th 7:00AM PST/10AM EST

Weekend 3

Candlestick language relative to RLS
⮕ MTF/LTF setups
⮕EOF on the LTF
⮕Build Ups
⮕HTF/LTF Projections
⮕1m Entries ⮕Liquidity building vs targetting ⮕Vector LQ/Transitional LQ/Structural LQ
⮕Feb 10/11th 7:00AM PST/10AM EST

Weekend 4

⮕Q & A
⮕Trade plan
⮕Feb 17/18 7:00AM PST/10AM EST


⮕Zooms for Q & A/Backtesting

Support with your Trading

⮕Continued support from the Precision Team post bootcamp!


The bootcamp is 4 weekends and lifetime access to discord after the bootcamp is complete.

We plan on doing 1 intake every 2-3 months. You will receive priority seating for the next intake. Each group will stay small, Elite will never be a huge community as we seen these large communities to be ineffective in helping everyone. This is not another 100$ a month course spitting out regurgitated information.

Existing Elite Mentorship members will receive 50% off the bootcamp purchase price and will have priority seating for the bootcamp as it will be limited seats for each intake. Reach out to us for a 50% off payment link if you are already an Elite Student!

Same content as the RLS Bootcamp, however it is taught on the students schedule and at the students pace with the perks of having one on one access to Rob or Peach. We understand some cannot make the bootcamp schedules work or may need additional assistance to succeed in their journey, this is the option for those.

Yes beginners are welcome to Precision Elite. The Elite RLS bootcamp spends 4 weekends going from A - Z to make sure there are no doubts left. This is not just another course, this is epitome of trading where only the serious people go. 

Yes, you can join our community from anywhere in the world as long as you understand English.

You will be required to sign an NDA before joining or gaining access to the community.

No, recording is NOT permitted. Those caught recording or leaking any of our content will be banned from the community as per our NDA agreement

We will teach you how to find your own setups, live trading will show our system in action and provide you with insight of how to use the system in a real live market. This is trading education at the next level, no one will be left behind. 

Yes, please contact us via instagram or email if this is your preferred method of payment.

As trading journeys are unique and influenced by individual work ethics and progress levels, providing an exact timeline is not possible. Nevertheless, we guarantee that your commitment to hard work and adherence to our teachings will set you on the trajectory to becoming a proficient and profitable trader. Embrace the journey, stay dedicated, and success will follow.

Once the bootcamp or 1-1 mentorship begins and you see our content there are no refunds allowed as per our signed NDA. If you decide to cancel before seeing any content you will be refunded. Our content will be protected at all costs.

Pay by crypto

For those looking to pay by crypto you may do so by sending payment to one of the following addresses. Please send screenshot of your payment to our instagram or email

USDT-Trc20 (Tron Network)

BTC (Bitcoin Network)