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Course Curriculum

Part 1

Algo structure, Weekly cycle, Fractals, IWI's on HTF.

Part 2

Liquidity, Inducement, Daily cycle, Imbalances, LIT OTZ HTF understanding.

Part 3

Manipulations, Traps Timings, Build ups, 90 min cycle.

Part 4

Entry types, LTF LIT-OTZ, IWI, Liquidity Wicks, Imbalances, Vector candies.

Part 5

Market objectives, Advanced algo concepts, putting it all together.

Part 6

Repetition of what you have learned with constant refinement & help improving your edge. Building a trade plan and working on your discipline and psychology.


Yes beginners are welcome to Precision Elite.

Yes, you can join our community from anywhere in the world as long as you understand English.

We do not provide signals as we believe they do not actually teach you how to be a successful trader. Instead, we will give you all the tools you will need to be able to execute your own trades.

Yes, please contact us via instagram or email if this is your preferred method of payment.

As trading journeys are unique and influenced by individual work ethics and progress levels, providing an exact timeline is not possible. Nevertheless, we guarantee that your commitment to hard work and adherence to our teachings will set you on the trajectory to becoming a proficient and profitable trader. Embrace the journey, stay dedicated, and success will follow.

The course is an introduction to liquidity concepts and more than enough to get you started. The bootcamp is the Range Liquidity System that builds of the core concepts learned in the course, however if you didn't take the course and came straight to the bootcamp thats fine as everything will be covered. Think of the course as graduating high school and the bootcamp as graduating university with a masters degree.

Reach out to us and will subtract the course cost from the bootcamp so you do not pay anymore than anyone else.

Once you are in the discord and telegram and have access to the educational content you are no longer eligible for refunds.

Pay by crypto

For those looking to pay by crypto you may do so by sending payment to one of the following addresses. Please send screenshot of your payment to our instagram or email

USDT-Trc20 (Tron Network)

BTC (Bitcoin Network)